My Folding Train Table

I wanted to share how my 5 X 7 folding layout came about…After our move to Arizona from California the layout went into storage while we house hunted. When the layout finally came out, it had suffered a great deal of damage.

After a month and a half rebuild, I built a table to mount the board on with a 8 Ft. length of black pipe and mounted a marine actuator, used on boat engine hatches, to fold the layout up on its horozontal. A touch of a switch operates the actuator which runs off of a 110V to 12V converter that’s mounted on the table.




The actuator can be seen in the last photo. It worked out so well that I made the control panel slide out with a mini 4 inch actuator. It’s really impressive and counters the “Oh how play with trains” that I hear so often.


One Response to “My Folding Train Table”

  1. Jinny Says:

    Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

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