Pros and Cons of Windows Vs. Linux

Well, I know this is a subject that has been debated for years and by countless people…Windows is better than Linux and vice versa. I have been running Linux as my choice of OS now for over 3 years, but there are times when I need to run Windows, so reluctantly I keep a Windows partition and have a copy of Windows 7 on pre-order (Oh boy…I might have just pissed off the Linux fanboys, but ‘ya know what?..OH WELL). My girls need Windows for school as well.

Rich, the administrator of Linux-Hardcore has an eloquent saying which I have adopted as well…”Use what works for you”…and that’s the best advice I could give anyone who is looking for the best OS.

These links are the best overall pro and con points on both OS’s and wanted to share them:

10 Reasons why Linux will triumph over Windows

10 Reasons Linux isn’t triumphing over Windows

Let the debate rage on…..


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