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I'm a Grandpa again!

September 28, 2009

But the baby fooled us all…’s a girl!! It was at 6:08PM MST and she weighs in at 7lb 8oz….no name as of yet because of the “suprise”.


Zenwalk 6.2

September 7, 2009

And here I go again…I’m in the middle of D/Ling Zenwalk 6.2. I hope it’s better than the last .iso I tried. After Zenwalk, it’s on to PCLinuxOS 2009.2 for another crack at wireless out of the box.

Zenwalk 6.2

September 7, 2009

All my friends scratch their heads when I start talking about Linux. I tend to be a Linux fanboy at times and I don’t mean to be. My main distro has been Ubuntu for almost 4 years now, although I do have other partitions for Dreamlinux, PCLinuxOS and Windows.I very rarely boot into Windows, except for doing classwork. I prefer the freedom and ease of Linux use and the fact that in all this time, I have not been bothered by viruses and the like.

I’m in the middle of downloading Zenwalk 6.2…I love Xfce DMs. I hope this is better than the last .iso of Zenwalk I tried.

Trains are me….

September 6, 2009

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a model train nut…..I model in “N-Scale”, which is about half the size of your Christmas train set around the tree. At 1:160, these things are cool to watch, but not great for small handed children or people who are visually challenged.

My latest layout is a 3 X 5 fold down that resides on the patio of our apartment. It’s been a 13 months since construction started and it became operational in the first 60 days. It’s a great escape; watching the trains and looking at the great sunsets Arizona is known for.



Hello world!

September 1, 2009

Well I finally got the blogging bug and got my feet wet with WordPress, so check in from time to time….there will be suprises galore….