Zenwalk 6.2

All my friends scratch their heads when I start talking about Linux. I tend to be a Linux fanboy at times and I don’t mean to be. My main distro has been Ubuntu for almost 4 years now, although I do have other partitions for Dreamlinux, PCLinuxOS and Windows.I very rarely boot into Windows, except for doing classwork. I prefer the freedom and ease of Linux use and the fact that in all this time, I have not been bothered by viruses and the like.

I’m in the middle of downloading Zenwalk 6.2…I love Xfce DMs. I hope this is better than the last .iso of Zenwalk I tried.


One Response to “Zenwalk 6.2”

  1. zidu Says:

    i scracth my head to…. while reads your post 😀

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