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Fossunet…A Linux Social Site

December 28, 2009

I wanted to announce the beginning of Fossunet, a venture of my Friend Rich in Barcelona….It’s a great idea and I think it will take off like a rocket:


My Birthday '09

December 21, 2009

What a peaceful day it was…first day of winter and nothing to do but relax and enjoy the day.

I worked on the websites, which was long overdue. I was overrun by an attack from the far East which trashed my logs. There was some cleanup that needed to be done as well from the move from Geocities.

Then I got to play with the layout. I repaired another box car and ran a DCC session to test it out. I had some planning time in there as well and I thought of some new ideas for the right foreground…some sort of freight scene I’m thinking.

And then it was time for dinner….spinach lasagna and for dessert, chocolate cake with cherry filling.

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day…..