Getting back to business

I can’t believe its been a few months since I had a qualitative posting…life can throw you curves that way. School, work, and family life have taken precedence over my blog, but I’m going to try and make a habit of getting something on here more often from now on.

Work has been my biggest concern lately. The company that I work for announced a month ago that they’re ceasing operations in Lake Havasu within 6 months and moving the work to Las Vegas, which has me beating the streets filling out applications and handing out resumes again. It seems like I just got settled in my job, and I’m out looking for another one…sometimes I feel like Jobe!

My Linux time is very limited as well. I’ve been playing around with animating my desktop in Hardy, which I posted about on LhX this morning, and I’ve checked out Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2 the other day…I don’t like the placement of the window buttons on the left side…why did they do that?; just to throw everyone a curve ball?

My train time has gone by the wayside until school is over…I uncover it for a few minutes every other day to make sure its still there and then quickly cover it up again. I did find another Bachmann F unit on Ebay for $15.00, which was a great deal…5 minutes of fixing and it was good as new.

Well, now you’re up to date with what’s happening in my neck of the woods…what’s new with you?


2 Responses to “Getting back to business”

  1. richs-lxh Says:

    Bummer about the job mate, hope you get something new soon. As for the free-time crisis, I think we’re all going through a bit of that now. There’s a Howto on my blog to change the buttons on Ubuntu quickly;

  2. djsroknrol Says:

    I finally got around to getting 10.04 up for myself after helping countless other friends and neighbors with their installs….;)

    The tip was well used….I can’t stand where the 3 are placed in 10.04 and that was the reason I didn’t upgrade until now.

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