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What a pleasant suprize

December 27, 2010

We had a great time with Ann’s brother Mike and his wife Jen and their son Vance. It was the first time that Ann has seen him in person and she was just in heaven with him…he is quite the toddler.

I took Mike over to see the vette in the garage and we talked about the paint and body work. We all went to Golden Corral for dinner before they headed back to Vegas.


Well, hello again

December 26, 2010

Another 6 months has passed with many things happening. I was furloughed from the department I was in at work….sigh….I don’t understand this crazy economy. Why is it so hard to keep a decent job these days? I am still working there, but now I’m in housekeeping.

The oldest kids’ mom passed away in August and they both came into some money…they went out and bought me this little toy:

Since it’s 26 years old, it has its problems and I’ve turned it into a father-son project. It’s a blast to drive and the girls love it when I pick them up from school in it.

I built a roll-around workbench/storage unit for the patio layout and I’m working on a new interchangeable module system that could be mounted to it to add some more real estate to the layout.